The key arrangement used for a particular virtual Keyman keyboard, including such factors as the number of keys and the configuration of the keys.
The System Tray is sometimes called the Taskbar Notification Area. It is normally located in the bottom right corner of your screen, just left of the clock.
Sometimes called the Start Button. It is normally located at the bottom left of your screen.
An icon that represents the Keyman Desktop program located on your computer screen when you first start.
The Keyman On Screen Keyboard is an image of your keyboard on the computer screen. It displays the characters of the language for the Keyman keyboard layout selected. You can enter characters using a mouse to click on the keys or by typing those keys on your hardware keyboard.
For example: Word, Notepad, Office, e-mail, Excel, Outlook, Internet Explorer, and Firefox are all applications.

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Getting Started Guide

Keyman Desktop is designed to give you the tools you need to type in any language, even languages not supported by Windows or installed on your computer. Since Keyman Desktop works in almost all Windows applications, the easiest way to get started is to open your favorite program, start Keyman Desktop, select your keyboard layout, and begin typing. For more detailed help, follow the links below.

Getting Help

For further help, visit Product Support.