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Keyman Desktop

Keyman Desktop Light 8.0 Select a different currencyUSD 23.99
Keyman Desktop Professional 8.0 Select a different currencyUSD 68.99
Keyman Desktop Professional 9.0 Select a different currencyUSD 44.99

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Note: Keyman Developer 9.0 is currently in beta.

Keyman Developer

Keyman Developer Professional includes 1 FREE licence for Keyman Desktop Professional

Keyman Developer 8.0 Select a different currencyUSD 249.99

Keyman Developer Modules

All Keyman Developer Modules require a licence for Keyman Developer Professional 8.0

More information on Keyman Developer modules

LangPlus TSE Keyboards (Sinhala and Tamil)

LangPlus TSE Keyboards Select a different currencyUSD 26.96

More information about LangPlus TSE Keyboards

GeezWord 7.0

GeezWord 7.0 (North America) Select a different currencyUSD 99.00

More information about GeezWord 7.0


Lakota Keyboard and Fonts Bundle
Lakȟótiyapi Winaȟtagye na Mas’óowa Opȟáȟte

Lakota Keyboard and Fonts Bundle Select a different currencyUSD 14.95

More information about Lakota Keyboard and Fonts Bundle

MyPC Helabasa 2008

MyPC HelaBasa 2008 - Sinhala Fonts with Keyboard Select a different currencyUSD 20.00

More information about MyPC Helabasa 2008

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