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Sinhala: Some key sequences to type letters/words correctly39231LangPlus TSE Keyboards
2011-12-30 04:53:17.250
LangPlus TSE Keyboards
2015-03-24 05:56:57.343
(New!) Now LangPlus TSE Keyboard is working without 'Sinhala/Tamil Kit' - How to configure?17407LangPlus TSE Keyboards
2012-01-15 00:53:16.840
LangPlus TSE Keyboards
2012-01-15 00:53:16.867
ලැන්ග් ප්ලස් දමිළ සිංහල ඉංග්‍රීසි යතුරු පුවරුව ලියාපදිංචි කිරීම.16662LangPlus TSE Keyboards
2012-01-01 14:36:18.620
LangPlus TSE Keyboards
2012-01-01 14:36:18.653
How do I find my Operating System has Sinhala (සිංහල) Unicode15960LangPlus TSE Keyboards
2011-12-30 19:04:41.093
LangPlus TSE Keyboards
2011-12-30 19:04:41.110
If you can't find AltGr key in your keyboard...17185LangPlus TSE Keyboards
2011-12-29 19:06:12.717
LangPlus TSE Keyboards
2011-12-29 19:06:12.737
Tamil (Renganathan) keyboard layout conflicts with LangPlus TSE Keyboards17609LangPlus TSE Keyboards
2011-12-29 18:59:11.110
LangPlus TSE Keyboards
2011-12-29 18:59:11.127
Sinhala (Wijesekara) Layout Conflicts with LangPlus TSE Keyboards Layout17887LangPlus TSE Keyboards
2011-12-27 16:55:18.837
LangPlus TSE Keyboards
2011-12-27 16:55:18.843
Download Sinhala Unicode17304Pradeeka Seneviratne
2011-12-27 16:31:37.197
Pradeeka Seneviratne
2011-12-27 16:31:37.210
Configuring LangPlus® TSE Keyboards with Microsoft Office Word17100Pradeeka Seneviratne
2011-12-27 16:12:56.170
Pradeeka Seneviratne
2011-12-27 16:12:56.227