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Discuss AFRO keyboard
35Andrew C.
2007-09-14 08:37:16.253
Amharic EZ
Discuss Amharic EZ keyboard
1448Marc Durdin
2017-05-12 17:55:21.847
Armenian Unicode
Discuss Armenian Unicode keyboard
2007-08-09 22:34:09.587
Discuss Bangla-Asamiya keyboard
17Mr Mumtaz Ansari
2007-12-21 01:10:26.080
BU keyboard
Discuss BU keyboard keyboard
2008-07-06 11:01:50.583
Cameroon QWERTY Unicode
Discuss Cameroon QWERTY Unicode keyboard
24Marc Durdin
2016-06-02 07:28:42.977
Cherokee Unicode
Discuss Cherokee Unicode keyboard
14Marc Durdin
2016-11-02 19:25:54.767
Clavier du Mali: Deutsch
Discuss Clavier du Mali: Deutsch keyboard
14Oumar Bah
2009-03-18 11:12:21.153
Cyrillic Russian - Tajik
Discuss Cyrillic Russian - Tajik keyboard
29Antônio de Ruijter
2015-02-21 06:54:20.203
Discuss DevU-Mike's keyboard
28Andrew C.
2007-03-08 08:36:07.410
Discuss Dinka keyboard
12Marc Durdin
2014-10-07 18:40:54.723
Esperanto Cx
Discuss Esperanto Cx keyboard
11Mr. Claus Martin
2009-12-19 04:11:41.957
EuroLatin keyboard
Discuss EuroLatin keyboard keyboard
1458Marc Durdin
2017-05-04 20:17:34.513
Farsi Unicode
Discuss Farsi Unicode keyboard
2007-02-13 13:53:59.733
Finnish Basic
Discuss Finnish Basic keyboard
14Marc Durdin
2017-03-07 13:45:12.007
Galaxie BibleScript Mnemonic Keyboards
Discuss Galaxie BibleScript Mnemonic Keyboards keyboard
2016-10-07 23:46:17.690
Galaxie BibleScript Phonetic Keyboards
Discuss Galaxie BibleScript Phonetic Keyboards keyboard
35Peirce Baehr
2011-05-24 21:48:27.540
Garp Lanka International
Discuss Garp Lanka International keyboard
2015-08-14 20:40:37.847
Greek Classical
Discuss Greek Classical keyboard
1535Marc Durdin
2016-11-06 19:55:47.873
Greek Polytonic SA
Discuss Greek Polytonic SA keyboard
2007-01-17 09:42:07.507
Greek Polytonic Unicode
Discuss Greek Polytonic Unicode keyboard
316Marc Durdin
2016-08-18 23:42:25.320
Harari (Ethiopic)
Discuss Harari (Ethiopic) keyboard
14Andrew C.
2007-03-30 15:39:42.203
Discuss Hebrew keyboard
48Marc Durdin
2016-06-02 08:12:44.637
Discuss Hieroglyphic keyboard
24Marc Durdin
2014-09-13 13:36:21.177
Hindi Traditional Basic
Discuss Hindi Traditional Basic keyboard
13Mr. Choong Choon Wong
2011-11-02 12:41:45.673
Discuss Igbo keyboard
13Andrew C.
2007-03-02 11:51:59.240
ISIS (All Indic Languages)
Discuss ISIS (All Indic Languages) keyboard
2012-06-22 23:12:34.780
ISIS (Devanagari)
Discuss ISIS (Devanagari) keyboard
36Marc Durdin
2015-10-17 10:08:06.027
ISIS (Gujarati)
Discuss ISIS (Gujarati) keyboard
39Cooling house
2009-11-28 22:03:02.480
ISIS (Tamil)
Discuss ISIS (Tamil) keyboard
23Marc Durdin
2009-12-16 14:20:01.820
Discuss Khowar keyboard
11Rehmat Aziz Khan Chitrali Gold Medalist
2017-02-03 16:29:52.973
LangPlus® Tamil Sinhala English Keyboards
Discuss LangPlus® Tamil Sinhala English Keyboards keyboard
911LangPlus TSE Keyboards
2015-03-24 05:56:57.343
Latvian (QWERTY) Basic
Discuss Latvian (QWERTY) Basic keyboard
14Marc Durdin
2011-03-17 09:18:28.210
Malayalam Basic
Discuss Malayalam Basic keyboard
12Marc Durdin
2009-09-18 10:01:51.613
Maori - Te Nguta Kura macron
Discuss Maori - Te Nguta Kura macron keyboard
2007-01-19 16:51:53.340
Discuss MBSindhi keyboard
12Marc Durdin
2014-11-28 07:38:21.743
Multi Language Pakistan
Discuss Multi Language Pakistan keyboard
14Jeremy Kirkham
2013-06-05 10:27:52.813
Myanmar (WwBurmese)
Discuss Myanmar (WwBurmese) keyboard
410Andrew C.
2008-10-14 09:22:42.793
MyPC HelaBasa 2008 - Sinhala Fonts with Keyboard
Discuss MyPC HelaBasa 2008 - Sinhala Fonts with Keyboard keyboard
34M.Roshan Deshapriya
2011-05-24 19:41:39.700
MyPC HelaBasa Sinhala Keyboard with fonts
Discuss MyPC HelaBasa Sinhala Keyboard with fonts keyboard
44MyPC Computer Systems
2007-06-07 16:54:32.357
Discuss Nuer keyboard
12Marc Durdin
2016-01-29 10:10:51.033
Discuss Pan-Sahelian keyboard
13Oumar Bah
2006-08-12 09:08:20.107
Persian (Farsi)
Discuss Persian (Farsi) keyboard
17Marc Durdin
2008-06-20 22:12:05.217
Pitman ITA
Discuss Pitman ITA keyboard
11retired professor
2007-11-04 15:13:02.760
Rawang Unicode
Discuss Rawang Unicode keyboard
12Marc Durdin
2016-03-03 21:59:05.643
Discuss Salishan keyboard
2009-10-27 12:01:40.177
Discuss SENCOTEN Unicode keyboard
15Marc Durdin
2015-06-12 07:47:59.153
Discuss SIL IPA 93 keyboard
12Marc Durdin
2015-06-13 06:43:55.880
SIL IPA Unicode‌
Discuss SIL IPA Unicode‌ keyboard
313Marc Durdin
2008-07-24 08:17:39.220
Simplified Chinese
Discuss Simplified Chinese keyboard
2010-07-19 15:02:09.437
Sinhala - wij 9 Basic
Discuss Sinhala - wij 9 Basic keyboard
12Marc Durdin
2015-08-17 08:06:47.347
Sinhala Basic
Discuss Sinhala Basic keyboard
2009-07-19 19:50:29.163
Syriac Basic
Discuss Syriac Basic keyboard
11[email protected]
2017-01-25 20:27:10.930
Discuss Tamil - TSCIIANJAL keyboard
13LangPlus TSE Keyboards
2011-12-28 20:34:15.210
Tamil Unicode TW Format by Anbuselvan
Discuss Tamil Unicode TW Format by Anbuselvan keyboard
12Marc Durdin
2008-10-21 08:21:00.010
Thai Unicode
Discuss Thai Unicode keyboard
12Marc Durdin
2016-10-27 01:33:26.967
Thamizha Typewriter
Discuss Thamizha Typewriter keyboard
12Marc Durdin
2014-03-04 07:35:26.977
The Heidelberg Input Solution
Discuss The Heidelberg Input Solution keyboard
2010-01-11 14:58:32.260
Tibetan Unicode EWTS
Discuss Tibetan Unicode EWTS keyboard
37Marc Durdin
2016-09-16 00:55:22.057
Urdu Phonetic Keyboard
Discuss Urdu Phonetic Keyboard keyboard
2010-05-10 08:35:29.087
Urdu Unicode
Discuss Urdu Unicode keyboard
14Bruce Axtens
2007-01-19 14:15:32.967
Yiddish Pasekh
Discuss Yiddish Pasekh keyboard
12Marc Durdin
2011-08-09 10:34:58.853
Discuss Yoruba keyboard
12Marc Durdin
2017-04-01 14:40:04.157