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# Visual Keyboard for Amharic   2007-01-21 22:52:01.263
Mr. Ahferom Goitom

I have purchased Tavultesoft Keyman educational version and downloaded and installed the suggested Amharic Keyboard. The software and the keyboard are working very well and I am glad to have it. But sometimes I would like to see the Amharic Visual keyboard on the screen but it shows only the Latin Keyboard. Therefore I wonder if you can give me some feedback on how I can view the Visual keyboard for Amharic??

Thank you very much
Goitom Ahferom
# RE: Visual Keyboard for Amharic   2007-01-22 14:13:07.497
Tavultesoft Staff
Hi Goitom,

Unfortunately there is no Amharic visual keyboard available. The keyboard uses combinations of keystrokes to produce the characters, which is currently impossible to show on a visual keyboard.

Sorry I can't be more help!

Kind regards,

Paul Durdin
# RE: Visual Keyboard for Amharic   2008-05-09 18:49:49.270
Ez Raida
I have been using the free version, since I am re-learning the script and Amharic itself.

Its wonderful and I have to admit that you guys are doing fine job.

What I was wondering is if there is any kind of lobby advocating for implementation of script into windows by default. I mean other languages a come along with windows so why not pushing the cause to the proper reciepent?
# RE: Visual Keyboard for Amharic   2009-06-11 01:36:26.610
White Nile General Contractor Inc
can you email me active code please you have my payment record
Thank you
Gabriel abebe
# RE: Visual Keyboard for Amharic   2009-06-11 11:28:16.483
@ Gabriel

We have emailed your licence to you. Let us know if you need further help.