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# list under "Tigrinya"   2007-09-05 06:58:31.297
Linguistic Data Consortium
This keyboard is also useable -- according to the author -- for Tigrinya, a closely related language, but your site's search feature does not find it as such.
# RE: list under "Tigrinya"   2007-09-05 11:32:58.597
Marc Durdin
Tavultesoft Staff
Thank you for the feedback. I have just added the Tigrigna versions of these keyboards to the website at:

Tigrigna (Eritrea)

Tigrigna (Ethiopia)

We have also updated this keyboard to include an On Screen Keyboard and the font GF Zemen Unicode in the installer.[/url]
# RE: list under "Tigrinya"   2008-05-07 01:43:30.547
Mr. Tsehay Demeke
What is the difference between Ethiopia and Eritrea - Tigrinya ?
# RE: list under "Tigrinya"   2008-05-07 08:39:29.157
Marc Durdin
Tavultesoft Staff
From the FAQ at

What is the difference between the Ethiopia and Eritrea Tigrigna keyboards?

The ? key on Ethiopian Tigrigna keyboard gives a ? symbol by default, whereas the the Eritrean keyboard gives a ? symbol. You can access the alternate symbol in either case by pressing ? again.