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# Visual Classical Greek Keyboard   2007-09-30 01:30:28.270
DA. Freiberg
I'd like to have the Classical Greek keyboard visible on screen as I type. I already have the 6.0 shareware version, but I would gladly buy 7.0 if it would give me this capability. Thanks!
# RE: Visual Classical Greek Keyboard   2007-10-05 14:06:28.313
Marc Durdin
Tavultesoft Staff
I am currently following up on this to see if it is possible to get an updated version of the Classical Greek keyboard from the author of the keyboard that includes an On Screen Keyboard. I will write if/when I hear back!
# RE: Visual Classical Greek Keyboard   2009-06-08 12:11:47.193
Ms. Kristin Hulburt
I would also like to have the visual keyboard (on screen) for Classical Greek. Has the keyboard been updated? Is there another keyboard (with a visual keyboard) that might work instead? Thank you.
# RE: Visual Classical Greek Keyboard   2009-06-11 11:38:19.990
You can find a list of the Greek keyboard layouts we offer here:

All of the layouts which show a keyboard layout icon include a visual On Screen Keyboard.

The keyboard layout 'Classical Greek' at this time does not include a visual keyboard, but eight of the other Greek layouts do.