Topic Keyboard source file that works in KMFL (0.9.6) + SCIM

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# Keyboard source file that works in KMFL (0.9.6) + SCIM   2007-11-10 22:33:59.023
Felix Rabe
I quickly made a version (called "Latiniscus 4" - a totally arbitrary name) that works on KMFL 0.9.6 + SCIM. There were three issues I primarily targetted (you can probably undo the other changes I made without ill effects):

* This line causes problems: 'c \' so I just inserted an empty line after it.
* SCIM somehow doesn't accept VERSION 7.0, so I changed that to VERSION 6.0.
* For some reason, KMFL doesn't like UTF-8, so I changed all characters outside iso-8859-1 to U+XXXX.

Find the file here:

I explicitly give the differences to the original source file european.kmn into the public domain, so you can incorporate my changes in any way you see fit.
# RE: Keyboard source file that works in KMFL (0.9.6) + SCIM   2007-11-20 21:01:33.970
Marc Durdin
Tavultesoft Staff
Thank you - just out of curiosity, what other changes did you make to the European Latin keyboard?