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# Hebrew Keyboard   2008-08-14 07:23:12.650
Evangel Bible Translators
Because I use other software which I know is incompatible with right-to-left fonts, I cannot install anything that requires right-to-left. Can you tell me if I can use my Hebrew fonts (SIL), or Unicode Hebrew (using Microsoft Office 2007, on an XP), and your Keyman Hebrew keyboard?

Thanks -- Shalom!
# RE: Hebrew Keyboard   2008-08-18 12:13:09.767
Marc Durdin
Tavultesoft Staff
In order for Hebrew text to display correctly in Windows, you must install the Hebrew language and right-to-left support. You can type in Hebrew without this, but it won't display correctly. There is no way around this with Windows. Which software do you use that is incompatible with right-to-left fonts?

Keyman Desktop 7.1 will configure Windows and Word to work correctly with right-to-left fonts with Hebrew keyboards due to come out shortly. You can find more information about how to configure Windows and Office for Hebrew at