Topic To The Ones That Know Tamil Please Help!

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# To The Ones That Know Tamil Please Help!   2008-08-15 14:24:57.370
Hey there
Im a language lover but unfortunately I only know spanish english and lately some japanese but not TAMIL¡¡

This 22 (wich would be the next friday) is my lucky 18 birthday and im getting a tatto to commemorate being an all-grown-up (in my country 18 is like 21 in usa or others countrys).

Being a filosofer-lover and basing in the episodes of my life I choose the oh-so-famous :

''What Does Not Kill You Makes You Stronger''

-Friedrich Nietzsche

Tamil beign one of the most ancient language in the world is the choosen for the language of this tatoo.

But is hard to find somebody to translate this kind of frase and even harder to get one to draw it in the dialect.

Please help me with this I will be more than grateful.