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# Modular or Linguist Keyboard   2009-03-24 16:34:37.127
Resoected Sir

I was developed a Modular or Linguist Keyboard layout for gujrati language. it was vary demanding keyboard. but problem is that how can i convert my keyboard for earlier version. i was created in keyman 6 or 7 developer
please guid me.

Mahendrasingh Rathod
# RE: Modular or Linguist Keyboard   2009-03-30 08:36:51.973
Marc Durdin
Tavultesoft Staff
We don't support downgrading keyboard layouts to earlier versions of Keyman - there is a lot of complexity in doing this and you have to be very careful to compile your keyboard to not use features in later versions. Also, earlier versions of Keyman do not work in recent versions of Windows, so this scenario is also not supported.