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# accent causes letter to change font   2009-09-13 16:35:28.653
Marcia Moore
OK, so I can now type accents, but whenever I put an accent over a letter, the font of the letter changes from whatever font I was typing in (e.g., Cambria, or Arial, or Book Antiqua, or Times New Roman) to the "Tahoma" font. I do not want to use the Tahoma font.

How can I accent letters and keep to the same font?
# RE: accent causes letter to change font   2009-09-14 14:46:56.980
I have a simple solution to your issue.

Fonts like Cambria and Ariel do not offer the best support for polytonic Greek, which is why your system searches for other fonts with better support. For the Greek accents to display correctly in your document, you need to use a font with good support for polytonic Greek. Fonts like Galatia SIL ( and Gentium SIL are two good choices (

You can find other good fonts for Greek from the Font Helper tool of Keyman's On Screen Keyboard. Simply click on the Keyman Menu, select the On Screen Keyboard, and choose Font Helper from the buttons along the top. You will see a list of the fonts on your system which offer the best support for Greek.