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# Keyman 7.0 doesn't work   2010-06-16 06:05:07.447
Robert Lee
I have been a happy Keyman 6.0 user for years. As per title Keyman 7.0 simply doesn't work. The \ and | key doesn't give you an accent or a subscript, the # and ~ key however does. I cannot get any hotkey combination I enter to produce the effect of toggling between Greek/English layout as Alt Z does in Keyman 6.0. What is going on here? How can something as useful and simple as Keyman 6.0 be debased into this nightmare? And can I buy a copy of Keyman 6.0?
# RE: Keyman 7.0 doesn't work   2010-06-16 11:31:16.703
Tavultesoft Staff
Sorry to hear you've been having trouble with Keyman 7. We have many thousands of users who are happily using Keyman 7, so I am sure we can resolve the problem you have been having.

In response to your questions:

1. Can you send us a diagnostic report so we can understand the context of your system? To learn how to send a diagnostic report, visit I am assuming from your comments that you are working with Manuel Lopez's Greek Classical keyboard?

2. I'm glad you found Keyman 6.0 useful and simple. We have strived to maintain simplicity but some sacrifices have had to be made in order to support the huge complexity of Windows' multilingual infrastructure. We think we've made the right trade-offs in most cases but we are certainly keen to hear any of your suggestions on how to improve Keyman in future versions.

3. We no longer offer Keyman 6.0 for sale because we do not have the resources to do maintenance on the Keyman 6 codebase. Keyman 6 also is not supported on Vista or Windows 7.
# RE: Keyman 7.0 doesn't work   2010-06-17 19:25:19.287
Robert Lee
Thanks for reply. I have reverted to Keyman 6 on both machines so will have to reinstall 7 to send diagnostic report.

Yes I am using Greek Classical and trying to run it on XP home with all SPs up to date on a Dell laptop and Dell netbook. Keyman 6 works flawlessly on both.
# RE: Keyman 7.0 doesn't work   2010-06-22 08:04:57.740
Good news - you can still submit a support diagnostic. Download our external support diagnostic program here.