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# Close source ?   2010-10-26 06:05:22.127
Buganini Buganini Q
Does this become close source now ?

Can I fork the last open source version (AFAIK is 1.2)
with the original license being keep?

I plan to add vietnamese into it.
# RE: Close source ?   2010-10-26 20:34:02.633
Tavultesoft Staff
Hi, we plan to publish the source code for the latest version of European Latin shortly; keep an eye on the EuroLatin home page at for a link.

We'd also be interested in reviewing your changes to support Vietnamese.

According to the terms of the license, you are welcome to modify and publish changes to the EuroLatin keyboard.
# RE: Close source ?   2010-11-02 04:11:23.573
Buganini Buganini Q
Hi, here is a patch mainly for adding Vietnamese support:
the patch is against version 1.2
comments in the last paragraph in patch should be corrected.

New controls: +?(
Move * to (
Move . to *
Add Vietnamese alphabet
(ref: section: Tone Marks)

BTW, a line in 1.2 source
c cancel next line and destroy its function, this happens in opensource kmflcomp.

I found ?? from
they looks like _P_p in my font, but in Unicode glyph image they looks different (Cyrillic ?), how do you think about this?

?? ("R"r) are missing, though the " is backward.

somethings like ?u (double accent mark, like Vietnamese)
and L??
# RE: Close source ?   2010-11-02 04:12:50.383
Buganini Buganini Q
it appears that the line
c `backslash`
also cancel line feed here :/
# RE: Close source ?   2010-11-02 04:21:52.160
Buganini Buganini Q
? should be .^o or ^.o ?
I'm not sure which is better.
# RE: Close source ?   2010-11-02 04:33:17.127
Buganini Buganini Q
According to

the hook stores could have more mapping.
# RE: Close source ?   2010-11-02 19:47:14.700
Tavultesoft Staff
Thanks for the patches for the European Latin keyboard. We'll take a look at them in the next few weeks (we are a little short staffed currently with two people away!)
# RE: Close source ?   2010-11-06 03:39:31.937
Buganini Buganini Q
here is the complete hook set
store(hookO) '??????????ƒƒ???????????????????????????'
store(hookK) 'aAbBcCdDeEfFgGiIkKmMoOpPqtTuUvVwWxXyYzZ'
while the xX are actually yY, but there are two yY,
so I connect the (IMO) seldom used one with xX.
(ref: )

and new inverted breve set
c )
store(ibreveO) '????????????'
store(ibreveO) 'aAeEiIoOuUrR'

and I've found that ?? are already in version 1.4 (#R#r)
# RE: Close source ?   2011-03-29 16:02:12.040
Buganini Buganini Q
Hi, would you still like to release the latest source?
# RE: Close source ?   2011-04-07 22:27:18.653
Marc Durdin
Tavultesoft Staff
Hi Buganini, I'll ask Peirce to try and get the latest version of European Latin source online. I know he was doing some work on it only a few days ago. Marc

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