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# keyman& Paltalk   2011-08-04 02:30:21.880
Elias S. Tenker
Hi there
I try to use keyman to write Amharic on paltalk loby
I can write the text in the text box but when I send it to the
loby it came out as Q marks(?) can any body tell me what I did wrong.
Thank you
# RE: keyman& Paltalk   2011-08-04 12:51:03.957
Marc Durdin
Tavultesoft Staff
Hi Elias,

Unfortunately we've been asked this question before: Paltalk does not support Amharic -- you could try to ask the Paltalk developers to add support for Amharic (Unicode).

There are other communication tools available that do support Amharic, including Skype, Google Chat, Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, and nearly all web-based chat tools.
# RE: keyman& Paltalk   2011-08-05 08:44:02.467
Elias S. Tenker
Dear Marc
Thank you for responding and answering my Q.
I asked becouse I see some people write in Amharic on paltalk
may be different softwear.
Thank you
# RE: keyman& Paltalk   2011-08-08 11:15:26.797
Marc Durdin
Tavultesoft Staff
I've just tested Paltalk Express and it appears that Paltalk Express will work with Amharic and Keyman Desktop just fine. Paltalk Express is a web-based version of Paltalk with fewer features but may give you the functions you need.

It may also be that Paltalk will work with Amharic if you are running Windows Vista or Windows 7, but I have not tested this. Unfortunately, it certainly won't work in Windows XP, and this is due to limitations in the Paltalk software.