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# Does it work with WordPerfect?   2011-08-26 06:50:11.587
Hi--Does anyone know if this program can run under WordPerfect?
# RE: Does it work with WordPerfect?   2011-08-28 17:54:12.133
Marc Durdin
Tavultesoft Staff
Unfortunately WordPerfect still does not support Unicode, and Corel have not indicated any intention to add support for Unicode. This means that most Keyman Desktop keyboards (and most languages) simply cannot be used with WordPerfect.

It is possible to use legacy non-Unicode Keyman Desktop keyboard layouts with WordPerfect as far as I know, but this is not something we would spend a lot of time with - non-Unicode formats are dying out and we would urge people to look at using Unicode so their data continues to be readable into the future.