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# Quotation Marks   2015-09-13 01:18:25.163
Would it be possible to add to this keyboard the curly quotation marks, and by that I mean not just the ones used in the Anglo-American world, “”? I mean those used, for example, in German or Serbian and Croatian: „” and their single-sign counterparts ‚, ‘, ’, ‟, ‹, and ›?
# RE: Quotation Marks   2015-09-14 08:56:07.490
John Durdin, Tavultesoft
# RE: Quotation Marks   2015-09-14 16:49:47.260
Thank you, John.

Could you just tell me why is it so difficult to add a few more symbols to an already pretty rounded keyboard? It makes sense, doesn't it, to add quotations marks that are the default ones for, say, German, doesn't it?

That's a much easier approach than doing the whole thing, which would be 99 % the same, again, don't you think?
# RE: Quotation Marks   2015-09-14 21:32:18.183
Marc Durdin
Tavultesoft Staff
We can add more symbols to this keyboard, but at this point we don't have the time to do so -- there's a bit of work involved in the documentation and testing. We'd be happy to email you the latest source of the keyboard so you can make the changes to your own copy (the source will also be going online in our keyboard repository at some point in the future) -- just drop us an email at