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# Ligature   2006-06-11 12:14:34.183
Ms Charlene Perret
What are the keystrokes to create ligatures: oe and au?
Where can I find a list of instructions to create the accents?
Thank you
# RE: Ligature   2006-06-12 10:20:56.640
Mr Marc Durdin
Tavultesoft Staff
We have just updated the Quick French keyboard and renamed it to "European Latin". This version includes documentation and a broader range of characters. I recommend upgrading to this keyboard.

However, I have not seen the 'au' ligature - did you mean 'ae'?
# RE: Ligature   2006-07-13 03:00:57.347
Jeremy Harrison
I have just installed the "European Latin" keyboard (and Keyman 6.2 Home Edition), and while the æ (ae) ligature is ok, I have a problem with the oe ligature: when I type \ o e I get øe (rather than the oe ligature I expect) - have I got the wrong key sequence, or is this an indication of a bug? (I have a similar problem when I type \ s s to get a German estsett, but actually get ?s)

Many thanks.
# RE: Ligature   2006-07-13 09:16:03.047
Mr Marc Durdin
Tavultesoft Staff
Yes, you have just found a bug in the keyboard! We have updated it and modified the two letter sequences as follows:
    a\e -> æ
    o\e -> œ
    n\g -> ?
    s\s -> ß
    t\h -> þ
    A\E -> Æ
    O\E -> Œ
    N\G -> ?
    T\H -> Þ

This resolves also a conflict with \ng and \NG that we found when investigating the \oe bug.
# RE: Ligature   2006-07-13 23:09:28.090
Jeremy Harrison
Many thanks - I've installed the new version, and problem is fixed - also ok now with UK English keyboard.

(But you need to update the website copy of the documentation to match that which came with the downloaded keyboard).

Looking at the set of ligatures, it occurs to me that IJ (Unicode U+0132/0133), used I believe in Dutch, is missing - I don't know if there is any particular reason for this.
# RE: Ligature   2006-07-14 09:02:40.670
Mr Marc Durdin
Tavultesoft Staff
Thanks for the feedback. The ligatures ? and ? are actually already in the keyboard, but were missing from the documention (use i\j and I\J to input them).

I have updated the documentation in the package and on the website.
# RE: Ligature   2006-07-15 22:37:56.933
Jeremy Harrison
Thanks - I hadn't thought of just trying it!