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# Esperanto   2006-06-19 19:33:06.013
Esperanto is not a language spoken in France. It is a neutral language witch does not depend on a particular country. As a mater of fact, the French government rejected the proposal to make Esperanto an official European language in the early 30's. Could you please change that on the download page? Ty!
# RE: Esperanto   2006-06-19 19:36:00.640
Ps. The source is not reliable. The language is created by a Polish dentist so it has not anything to do with France. Please see wikipedia or other source for more information.
# RE: Esperanto   2006-06-19 19:52:47.653
Mr Marc Durdin
Tavultesoft Staff
The country tagging for languages is taken from SIL Ethnologue. If you believe there is an inaccuracy in their language definitions, you can write to them and request a correction.