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# Greek Polytonic Keyboard Layout   2006-07-21 23:52:06.530
Christopher Shelton
I recently downloaded the Greek Polytonic Keyboard from Keyman. The monastery's web page mentions a "Users' Manual" that was supposedly in my "programs" files. However, though I searched long and hard I could not find it. There is a brief mention of a users' manual, but I couldn't find one.
Is there anyone who knows how I might obtain a keyboard layout for Greek Polytonic LS EZ? (This is not the Greek Polytonic Unicode keyboard, but the earlier version.) Thank you
# RE: Greek Polytonic Keyboard Layout   2006-07-24 12:21:59.000
Andrew C.
Keyboard Designer
I'd assume that the keyboard layout for Greek Polytonic LS EZ would be the same key assignments as in Greek Polytonic LS which is included in the PDF containing three keyboard layouts (SA, MS and LS). I'd assume that the EZ stands for the same thing as it does in the Greek Polytonic SA EZ keyboard layout. The user manual included in the package only talks about the EZ ararngement for The SA layout, bt i'd assume that the EZ functionality would be similar for the LS layout. Is this so?

I.e. automatic inserion of breathing marks under certain conditions, Caps Lock prevents the addition of diacritics to a leading capital letter in a sequence of capital letters and autocorrection of certain words.
# RE: Greek Polytonic Keyboard Layout   2006-07-24 13:26:35.000
Tavultesoft Staff
Hi Christopher (and Andrew),

After installing the keyboard package, there should be a new group on your Start Menu called "Greek Polytonic SA". There is a link to the user manual and keyboard layouts in this group.

According to the user manual, the EZ rule does apply to all the EZ keyboards in the package -- it's confusing because the package is called "Greek Polytonic SA" but includes the LS and MS keyboards along with the SA.

Kind regards,

Paul Durdin
Tavultesoft Pty Ltd
# RE: Greek Polytonic Keyboard Layout   2006-09-07 11:21:23.353
I have installed Keyman Home Edition and installed Greek Polytonic SA yet when I go Ctrl Alt K the dialogue box says 'no keyman keyboard' yet lists Greek Polytonic LS EZ and LS MT below that. Clearly I have done something incorrectly but cannot account for it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
# RE: Greek Polytonic Keyboard Layout   2006-09-07 12:21:17.243
Tavultesoft Staff
Hi John,

Pressing Ctrl+Alt+K is the same as left-clicking on the Keyman icon in the task tray -- it brings up the keyboard selection menu.

To enable a keyboard, click on its name in the list. To disable any, select 'No Keyman Keyboard'.

One other thing to keep in mind is that the Home Use Edition of Keyman only allows two keyboards to be installed at once -- the Greek Polytonic package contains nine.

Kind regards,

Paul Durdin
Tavultesoft Pty Ltd
# RE: Greek Polytonic Keyboard Layout   2008-01-26 22:27:16.710
george byshay
Hi everybody,
i want to download the coptic keyboard but i didn't find any link on the site please if any one have alink or can sent it to my email i'll be very thankfull .
Here's my email :
# RE: Greek Polytonic Keyboard Layout   2008-01-29 09:11:06.763
Marc Durdin
Tavultesoft Staff

The package can be downloaded from the following link:

You will need to have Keyman Desktop installed first. Run the kbdsonly.exe program after downloading, and it will extract into a folder. You will need to double-click the files that are extracted in order to install them into Keyman Desktop.
# Greek Polytonic Keyboard with Dreamweaver   2008-10-10 12:43:04.427
k classic
I have been able to use the Greek polytonic keyboard with MS Word, but it does not work in Dreamweaver CS3. Is there some setup I must do for Dreamweaver?
# RE: Greek Polytonic Keyboard with Dreamweaver   2008-10-22 10:50:14.160
Marc Durdin
Tavultesoft Staff
The keyboard should work in Dreamweaver CS3 without setup changes.

(This was a separate, unrelated issue that has been addressed directly by Tavultesoft Support)
# Greek Polytonic Keyboard with Dreamweaver   2011-05-05 05:00:50.590
Claudia Brand
I downloaded a 30-days-test-version of keyman for writing ancient greek. It was a keyboard, which produced automatically breathing marks at vowels at beginning of a word. Now after the 30 days I unfortunately deletet it. Then I buyed keyman and wantet to download this version again. But I can't find it. I downloaded now "Greek Polytonic SA" but I can just write normal greek letters without breathing marks. Can someone tell me which version I need?

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