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# LANGUAGE command   2007-01-26 06:43:19.230
Bruce Button
I'm trying to use the LANGUAGE command in keyboards that I am creating. However, I keep on getting syntax (compilation) errors. I use syntax like this:


and I've tried positioning the command in different sections of the program. I'm sure that I must be misreading the manual, but can you help?


# RE: LANGUAGE command   2007-01-26 09:36:08.277
Tavultesoft Staff
Hi Bruce,

The LANGUAGE statement needs to be used in the following format:
LANGUAGE %nLang%, %nSubLang%

Where nLang and nSubLang are the Windows language codes as specified at:

The numbers to use are at the left, but it's a little complex.
Using Chinese (Macao) as an example, the code appears in hex as
It would be split up as:
sublangpart = 0x14, prilangpart = 0x04

To find the numbers to use with the LANGUAGE statement, divide sublangpart by 4 (14 hex = 20 decimal), which is 5. Thus the code to use Chinese (Macao) would be:

For Greek, the code is 0x0408, so you would use:

We'll be clarifying this in the Keyman Developer 7.0 documentation.

Kind regards,

Paul Durdin
# RE: LANGUAGE command   2007-01-26 18:21:13.963
Bruce Button
Thanks, Paul. I see that it is not completely straightforward but your explanation makes things clear.