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# Hai! Please Help!!!   2008-03-28 15:34:16.597
Need KeymanDeveloper 6.0
Any timeout function in keyman developer,

for example :

"A" + (With in 3 seconds i can press) "B" > (Output is) "D"

i can press "a" and with in 3 seconds i can press "b" the output is "D"
With out 3 seconds the output is "B"

any code,

please help..
# RE: Hai! Please Help!!!   2008-03-28 16:30:11.533
Marc Durdin
Tavultesoft Staff
Keyman Developer does not support this type of function. Using timeouts to change the user experience in our experience tends to be non-intuitive. For instance, what if the computer is busy for 3 seconds (this can happen, for instance, if another application is starting).

Can you explain in a bit more detail why you want to do this? There will almost certainly be some other ways to accomplish similar functionality.
# RE: Hai! Please Help!!!   2008-03-28 16:31:32.080
Marc Durdin
Tavultesoft Staff
If you really need this functionality you can use Keyman's IMX DLL support to accomplish this (see Keyman Developer documentation for information on IMX DLLs)