Topic Usage of Disabled/Unused CapsLock key

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# Usage of Disabled/Unused CapsLock key   2009-02-10 11:21:16.040
Keyman has the function of disabling Caps Lock key.

Then is it possible to use this disabled/unused Caps Lock key just like any other normal key?

If yes, how can I do that?

If no, isn’t it good to include that functionality in the next version of Keyman?
Is there any problem with such usage of Caps Lock key?

Thank you for your attention. jsb.
# RE: Usage of Disabled/Unused CapsLock key   2009-02-19 17:23:07.030
Keyman is not designed to allow Caps Lock to be used like a normal key. As Caps Lock behaves uniquely, both virtually (on keyboard layouts) and often mechanically (on hardware keyboards), we do not recommend its usage as a normal key and have no plans currently to add such functionality in an upcoming release.