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# Bengali ansi(toptype) keyboard   2014-02-03 23:50:30.470
Satinath Paul
i want to create a bengali toptype keyboard please help me
# RE: Bengali ansi(toptype) keyboard   2014-02-06 14:53:16.730
Jeremy Kirkham
Tavultesoft Staff
Hi Satinath Paul, Top Type is a separate software from Keyman Desktop and Keyman Developer. Are you asking if you can build a keyboard similar to a Top Type keyboard using Keyman Developer?

If your question is something different, can you please explain in more detail.

# RE: Bengali ansi(toptype) keyboard   2014-02-08 03:42:20.350
Satinath Paul
I want to build a bengali ansi keyboard using keyman developer , I have read the developers documentation & i tried to create the keyboard, but i failed.

I need a brief tutorial on how to make ansi keyboards with keyman developer.

please anyone help me

# RE: Bengali ansi(toptype) keyboard   2014-02-13 11:51:00.997
Jeremy Kirkham
Tavultesoft Staff
We have a step-by-step keyboard tutorial here:

Instead of using
begin unicode > use(main)
statement, use
begin ANSI > use(main)
# RE: Bengali ansi(toptype) keyboard   2014-04-14 01:37:04.897
Satinath Paul
The tutorial is not enough for developing ansi keyboards
# RE: Bengali ansi(toptype) keyboard   2014-04-14 08:08:31.050
Marc Durdin
Tavultesoft Staff
What information are you looking for? If you have specific questions, we can answer them. Everything in the tutorial is applicable to both Unicode and non-Unicode keyboards, as Jeremy mentioned.