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# Font Standard   2015-02-03 21:30:47.810
Thomas Köpke
Hello Everybody,

please excuse if the Topic should maybe not have been in the developers section.. I just think you will have probably the most technical know-how about the issue:

- I am using keyman 9.0 with amharic Keyboard for texts that i have to write here in Ethiopia. I would like to buy a labelprinter to print Labels. Now I am thinking of a Brother-Printer. It says anyhow, that it accepts "all true-type" Fonts... (While a much more expensive Zebra Printer includes also "Unicode-Fonts compliant for multi-language")... Now I wonder if a Printer supporting truetype will be able to print Text which I have written with Keyman 9.0, Amharic Keyboard, Ebrima Font... ?

Would be great if you could help me,

With best regards,

# RE: Font Standard   2015-02-04 08:18:30.450
Marc Durdin
Tavultesoft Staff
Thomas, sorry, I am unsure of the answer to this; one would hope it would work and for Amharic the chances are good as it is not difficult to render. But I cannot be sure -- the same model devices are probably not even available here in Australia!

Can you do a test at the shop before you purchase? Or return if it doesn't work? Whatever happens, please do share the results you discover :)
# RE: Font Standard   2015-02-09 21:10:22.767
Thomas Köpke

Not so easy.. We are in Ethiopia and I am ordering the machine from foreign.

Without thinking about anything else: "Is this a true-type font" or not?
# RE: Font Standard   2015-02-10 09:05:07.433
Marc Durdin
Tavultesoft Staff
Yes, the Amharic font Ebrima is a TrueType font.
# RE: Font Standard   2015-02-10 17:37:14.137
Thomas Köpke
Well, the Label-Printer says in the specification for supported Fonts: "all true type Fonts of the Computer"... so that should then also include "Ebrima"

I think i will try that out