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# 'ь' followed by vowel   2015-02-04 01:49:29.213
Antônio de Ruijter
Currently, I am trying the free edition of Keyman 9.0 with the CR-T keyboard.

A word ending in a 'ь', followed by a word starting with a vowel, yields the following unexpected results.

есть а --> естья

есть е --> естье

есть и --> есть и

есть о --> естьё

есть у --> естью

Apart from this, how do I get the combination 'жь' as in 'божья'. I checked the documentation, but didn't find the answer there.

I am using Windows 10 pro technical preview with default keyboard US international.

Antônio de Ruijter
# RE: 'ь' followed by vowel   2015-02-04 08:52:30.837
Marc Durdin
Tavultesoft Staff
Thanks for this report. We've reproduced the issue here and are working on a resolution.

On your second question: it does not appear to be possible to type 'жь' as in 'божья' in this keyboard at present. An awkward workaround is to type 'божаья' and then delete the 'а' manually, at least until we can get a patch in to allow this combination as well.

I believe this is because the 'ь' letter is not usually used in Tajik, and thus this combination was overlooked by the keyboard designer. I have documented this as an issue to resolve for the keyboard.
# RE: 'ь' followed by vowel   2015-02-04 17:58:08.053
Antônio de Ruijter
Thanks for your reply.

Antônio de Ruijter
# RE: 'ь' followed by vowel   2015-02-09 07:52:10.273
Marc Durdin
Tavultesoft Staff
I've just uploaded a beta version of Keyman Desktop that I believe addresses the issues you have been experiencing. You can download it from - my tests with the CR-T keyboard show consistent results. Please do let me know if it resolves the spacebar issue for you.

I'll be looking into the secondary issue of a missing combination with this keyboard once we complete the beta release.
# RE: 'ь' followed by vowel   2015-02-12 04:37:40.407
Antônio de Ruijter
Thanks for this upload, it works fine now.
# RE: 'ь' followed by vowel   2015-02-16 19:48:38.240
Marc Durdin
Tavultesoft Staff
We've just published an update to the Cyrillic Russian - Tajik keyboard that now allows you to type жь with zh` (and upper case ЖЬ with ZH`).
# RE: 'ь' followed by vowel   2015-02-21 06:54:20.203
Antônio de Ruijter
Thanks for this update.