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# IPA Keyboard   2015-09-13 00:54:36.803

Is there a way for Keyman to develop a simple yet complete IPA keyboard similar to the TypeIt one?

TypeIt full-IPA on-line keyboard is a tiny bit better than their app offering: it contains the U+0261 character, for example, which the desktop app doesn't support. (Yes, IPA says that a normal ā€œgā€ is O.K. as well.)

TotalIPA lacks the linking sign, for example, and some superscript letters present in TypeIt's keyboard, and the LingfilSemiticaUS is too complicated and with unnecessary signs for those who only need the IPA ones.

SIL IPA Unicode also has certain shortcomings.
# RE: IPA Keyboard   2015-09-14 08:57:09.140
John Durdin, Tavultesoft