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# Creating for Chakma Keyboard   2015-11-14 19:09:11.530
Bivuti Chakma (Suz Moriz)
I am Bivuti Chakma (Suz Moriz) from Bangladesh. I am Chakma Font designer and Keyboard creator too. And I am also writer of Chakma mini grammar and writer of some Chakma Book. I develop an Unicode font for the Chakma language. Please see:

Now I need a perfect Keyboard. So how can I create it?

Bivuti Chakma
Admin of

# RE: Creating for Chakma Keyboard   2015-11-15 06:53:16.320
Marc Durdin
Tavultesoft Staff
You can create a keyboard layout using Keyman Developer, which is a free download from

Documentation and tutorials are online at
# RE: Creating for Chakma Keyboard   2015-12-03 06:01:06.540
Bivuti Chakma (Suz Moriz)
Dear Marc,

Thank you very much. I used Keyman Developer and have created a Chakma Keyboard.

Bivuti Chakma