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# To root or not to root: testing on Android   2016-01-19 14:23:32.597
Esther Showalter
What is the best way to install a font onto an Android 4.4.2+ device to support unicode character display? I'd rather not root or install Cyanogenmod.

My situation is this:
I've put together a custom keyboard in Keyman Developer 9 that uses a mostly French layout with a few special characters thrown in for a language in French West Africa.

I'm using Code2000 on developer to support the special characters (uncommon vowels and stacked diacritics).
However, when testing over the web on my mobile device, Chrome will not support the special characters. Tapping in the textbox brings up the keyboard as expected, with all characters displayed properly. But typing any of the special vowels with or without diacritics shows no response in the textbox. Is there a way to upload a screenshot to this forum?

I expect this is because the characters are not supported in my default Android font, or a setting of the Chrome app. Is this issue well-known? I've found plenty of advice for installing custom fonts on stackexchange and such, but they all seem to depend on more customization -rooting- than I need right now.

# RE: To root or not to root: testing on Android   2016-01-19 15:01:15.197
Marc Durdin
Tavultesoft Staff
Yes, this is one of the big problems with Android right now for us. There is no supported way to install fonts on Android devices. This makes it hard for me to recommend Android devices in general unless the language is explicitly supported by the version of Android you have.

Some workarounds which may be of some use:

  • If you are visiting your own website, you can add web fonts to the site to get font support.
  • You can use Keyman Pro's built in browser to get font support, if you configure your keyboard's JSON metadata to list a location where the font can be downloaded ( is a good Latin script font you can use). See for details
  • If you have a Samsung device, you can install fonts with their font tools, but this is not explicitly supported by Samsung.

Hope this helps!