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# Comment Lines   2016-02-14 06:45:37.540
br Julian Griffin OSL
The comment markers: ‘c[Space]’ & ‘C[Space]’ force comments to be left justified.

   If I enter:
   TIKE forces it to:

   I find it very useful to be able to line up comments one line with the previous/next, and this left justification is quite annoying.

   I can fix it with:
   But this is ugly.

   So my request is, can the parser not remove white space from comment lines.

Julian Griffin
# RE: Comment Lines   2016-02-16 06:43:27.637
Marc Durdin
Tavultesoft Staff
Fair enough; I've logged this as an issue to resolve; the whitespace shouldn't be removed. A hacky workaround is to do:

c .[space][space][space][space]Comment