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# Touch and hold keys   2016-02-15 23:28:28.250
Steven White
I'm experimenting with Touch and hold keys in a touch layout.

I've created two keys "under" the "a" key, given them two T_ virtual key names, put rules in the KMN file that these virtual keys generate the characters I want. The keyboard compiles without error, but my touch and hold keys never appear. I press and hold "a" and only the "a" keycap appears. What am I missing?
# RE: Touch and hold keys   2016-02-16 06:59:00.383
Marc Durdin
Tavultesoft Staff
I'm only guessing but it's possible you've added the touch and hold (or longpress) keys for a mobile layout and are testing on a tablet, or vice versa?

If you don't want to have separate layouts for mobile and tablet, just delete one of the platforms in the touch layout designer, and then Keyman will just use the alternative platform. Having separate platforms is helpful for complex keyboards as a tablet device can usefully show more keys than a mobile.
# RE: Touch and hold keys   2016-02-16 08:42:58.043
Steven White
Thanks, Marc, that was the answer. I was creating a layout for tablet and testing on a phone. Now it is working.