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# Switching modes   2016-02-24 08:34:56.307
br Julian Griffin OSL

   I would like to have two modes of use on a keyboard; one mode using one set of rules and one mode using another set of rules.

   I can think of a number of ways.

      a) I could set/unset a flag, then in Main have two IFs to start down different Groups.

      b) One mode would work as normal, in the other mode I could add a symbol to the Context, and then use it in Rules, moving the symbol to the right of the Context each time more text is added. eg a¦ ab¦ abc¦

      c) I could have long contexts for one mode. eg a../ or b../


      a) May not be clear to the user, as the functionality hidden inside the keyboard.

      b) Has the complication of moving a symbol along as the text is entered, but the user can see exactly what is happening on the screen. I am thinking of using a large square with the flashing cursor in the left of the box. It should look like a one character input box moving to the right as text is entered.

      c) Is error prone and hard to learn.

   Which method would you recommend?

   Any suggestions as to how to best accomplish this?

Thank you
Julian Griffin
# RE: Switching modes   2016-02-24 19:06:07.917
Marc Durdin
Tavultesoft Staff
I would use option (a), and perhaps look at building an Keyboard Options dialog following the instructions at

(b) will have trouble if the user moves the cursor position with the mouse, or saves the document, or in many other scenarios.

(c) can also work if the documentation is sufficient but does assume a knowledgeable user.

I haven't done anything with keyboard options in Keyman Configuration for quite some time so will be interested to hear how you go.