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# Creating a touch keyboard layout   2016-05-14 02:15:32.420
Brad Smeltzer
I'm working through the various tutorials for Keyman Developer and would like to create a touch keyboard for Android phones and tablets. In the tutorial 'Creating a Touch Keyboard Layout Part 2', under the topic 'Arranging keys with the layout editor' I see an image from Keyman Developer with a tool bar such as 'Add Subkey array', 'Padding left', 'Next layer', and so forth. I cannot find on my version of Keyman Developer such options, or even how to get to a touch keyboard design, only for a standard computer keyboard. I'm using version 9.0.522.0. What am I doing wrong?
Thanks, Brad
# RE: Creating a touch keyboard layout   2016-05-17 20:41:55.160
Marc Durdin
Tavultesoft Staff

I think you need to add the "Touch-Optimised Keyboard" feature in the Features list in the first page of the keyboard editor.