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# Greek Ancient Android   2016-12-28 07:14:53.947
As a student of ancient Greek, I am using the "Greek, Ancient - Polytonic" layout which is excellent and matches this version However there is one character which cannot be found using this layout - the letter eta with both a iota subscript plus circumflex .
Since the diaeresis ϊ is available at two locations (1)Shift-Q and (2)colon, I suggest the layout could be edited to include a subscript+circumflex for the eta character by placing U+1FC7 on the (shifted) colon key.
The Android onscreen keyboard, which matches the above link, also needs updating as several active diacritic combinations are not displayed - diaeresis/accent combinations are to be found at the following shifted keys: tilde, Q, W and colon.
# RE: Greek Ancient Android   2017-01-03 13:11:45.533
Marc Durdin
Tavultesoft Staff
Thanks for the feedback. I've noted this in the issue list for the keyboard layout and we'll address it when we get an opportunity