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# Yoruba Keyboard with Bar   2017-03-30 04:42:23.480
Adebusola Onayemi
First of all, I wish to express my most profound gratitude for the wonderful work you have done and continue to do especially in the production of software that enables peoples of the world to use the computer in their mother language.  An enormous task indeed.
I wish to bring to your attention a needed improvement in the design of the Yoruba language keyboards. The Yoruba with Dot version is excellent and has made it possible to type the language on iPhone, iPad and Android and be viewed with all the diacritical marks intact by everyone. The Yoruba with Bar version however as currently designed is not accurate. The conventional design does not have any gap between the letters ‘e, o and s’ and the bar underneath them. The bar should also be a bit thicker. The Yoruba with Bar version is what most Yoruba language publications have commonly used over the years  because it is more esthetically pleasing on the page. An example can be viewed on where we used the YorubaOK font in a graphic format.
On a personal note, you have facilitated the use of the proprietary YorubaOK font and I thank you very much for that. I pray for continuing success in all your endeavours.
Best regards
Rev. Dr. Adebusola Onayemi
# RE: Yoruba Keyboard with Bar   2017-04-01 14:40:04.157
Marc Durdin
Tavultesoft Staff
I am so pleased that Keyman is helping you in your work! In terms of the Yoruba with Bar, that sounds to me like a font issue, which should be resolvable on Windows by selecting a different font in your document, such as YorubaOK.

On iPhone and Android devices, it is difficult to change fonts, and we have to make do with a compromise of slightly inaccurate display such as what you have highlighted, at least until Google and Apple are willing to update their fonts to improve the display.