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# Shift Key not releasing Issue   2017-03-31 17:26:01.143
I have made my keyboard for gujarati typing in phonetic language and was working almost perfectly. Thanks for such a nice tool....

I am facing only one issue in that....Issue is -- when I try to type continuously then after 5 to 10 lines when I use character with a shift key it types perfect character with shift key but when I try to type next characters which are not linked with shift key then also keyman types that characters with shift key instead of typing characters normally.......means it's not releasing shift key which I pressed earlier and types next few character with shift key....this issue appears suddenly during constant typing. I don't know why it suddenly takes shift key as in pressed condition...
I tried to change 2 to 3 physical keyboards but found same issues in all...
I found one temporary solution that I need to press shift and move forward for every such instance.... However it's not a perfect solution... Please guide how can we resolve it...

Once again thanks for such a nice tool....
# RE: Shift Key not releasing Issue   2017-04-01 14:38:01.773
Marc Durdin
Tavultesoft Staff
I'm glad that you are finding Keyman such a useful tool!

Which version of Keyman are you using? I can investigate the problem further; I don't have an immediate solution for the problem at present.
# RE: Shift Key not releasing Issue   2017-04-01 17:01:54.413
I'm using Keyman Developer 9.0 and Keyman Desktop 9.0....
# RE: Shift Key not releasing Issue   2017-04-01 20:38:57.513
Marc Durdin
Tavultesoft Staff
OK; I don't have an immediate solution to the issue. I've logged this as something to investigate and I will try and see what is going on.

There are a couple of things you can do to help.

1. Can you try and pin down when the issue happens? Is there a sequence that causes the shift key to get stuck?

2. You could record a debug log for Keyman following instructions at . The [Pause] key referenced in that KB article will not work on Keyman 9, so instead just exit Keyman before zipping up the log file. If you take note of exactly what you had typed just before the problem happened, that'll help to track it down in the logfile. Send the logfile to [email protected] and reference this forum topic.