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# Amharic Keyboard Android   2017-05-11 06:04:19.013
Amharic Keyboard android
It is nice to have Keyman on my android device. Thank you for all the hardwork you putted in. 

Just to mention some problems I have encountered.

 I have been unable to download the Amharic keyboard. It always says downloading keyboard failed.

When it comes to using external keyboards, When I change it to Tigrinya, the spacebar and Enter keys do not work. The enter key does not work on English Keyboard too.You have to use the virtual keyboard to use those keys.

Thank you for all your support.


# RE: Amharic Keyboard Android   2017-05-12 17:55:21.847
Marc Durdin
Tavultesoft Staff
Thanks for letting us know about the Amharic keyboard problem -- we've now fixed that!

We have noted the issue with the Spacebar and Enter keys on external keyboards and will be investigating that in order to fix it.