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# Vote to get the next Beta quickly...   2006-11-25 18:11:52.907
vikram barthwal
Marc I am very much eager to test the new beta incorporating the security for the kmn files, so to show you how eager we all are here for the latest version, I have started this post.

So friends please vote and leave comments for how eager are you for the next release.

Hope by seeing the number of votes Marc will be motivated to release the next beta or the final Keyman 7 developer quickly.

Moreover Marc can i buy Keyman 7 developer update or Full version in advance, i.e can i buy the pre release of Keyman 7 developer with the security issue resolved for the keyboard files. Plz reply. As i have developed a keyboard file and i have orders but i dont want my keyboard file being pirated, so i am waiting for ur next release eagerly.
Maybe others are waiting too????

So Keyminers plz. vote... & post ur comments.

OOPS i think i have coined a new word for the Oxford English Dictionary.

Keyminers= "A person Using Keyman Developer to make new Keyboard Layouts."

Vikram Barthwal (India)
[email protected]