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GeezWord 7.0 is Windows keyboard driver for Ethiopic/Geez script use by Amharic, Tigrigna and other languages. GeezWord is compatible with Windows Vista and XP. It works well with MS Office applications, including Word, Excel, Outlook, MSN Messenger, PowerPoint, Access and many more. If you are new to GeezWord, you will appreciate the simplicity of the user interface, easy to learn phonetic keyboard and quality of fonts.

To use GeezWord, for example, simply open MS Word and start typing Geez. Geezword automatically selects Geez keyboard and GeezMahtemUnicode font as default. Geez. Documents created with Unicode are compatible with other unicode document, regardless of the Geez application. The program uses an intuitive phonetic keyboard layout which makes typing Geez a simple matter. GeezWord uses high quality fonts, which give the documents a polished, professional look. It is the preferred choice of professional publishers and writers. GeezWord package includes, easy to follow manual, built-in help information and is supported by additional information at our web site
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Designed forAmharic
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, Tigrigna
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(Ethiopic (Ge?ez) script) in Ethiopia
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