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What's New

Perfecting Keyman Desktop.

64-bit Ready

Keyman Desktop 8 is 64-bit, built ready for the coming wave of 64-bit applications. Learn more…

64-bit Ready

Language Switcher

The new Language Switcher lets you swap keyboards and languages with a single hotkey. Learn more…

Language Switcher

Keyboard Options

Developers can now create keyboards with options. Options free you to type how you prefer. Learn more…

Yorùbá Keyboard Options

Egyptian to Emoji

View and output every Unicode 6.0 character included in any keyboard or from the Character Map. Learn more…

Keyman Character Map

Smarter Keyman Toolbox

Font Helper now displays font glyphs. On Screen Keyboard better mimics your hardware. Character Map searches and filters smarter. Learn more…

Detail of the On Screen Keyboard

Setup Simplified

We've cut a 14-step setup to 3 steps, combined Light and Professional into one installer and made adding languages simpler. Learn more…

3-Click Setup - Click 1

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