Branding Pack

Branding Editor

The Branding Editor of Keyman Developer 8 offers you the highest degree of customisation and control. Create a bespoke keyboarding product to fit the exact needs of your language, community or organisation:

  1. Two Tailoring Methods

  2. Follow the Model

    Redesign icons, menus, toolbars, text strings and every aspect of configuration in the Keyman model UI, using a suite of intuitive tools.

    Build from Scratch

    Develop an XML-based UI completely from scratch. Create even the product controller.

    Follow the Model - Use a Suite of Intuitive Tools to Quickly Build Your Product

  3. Three Licensing Options

  4. Freeware

    Purchase a freeware licence with Tavultesoft and give your software to end-users for free.


    Let users test your product for a limted time. Distribute at any price, as widely as you like.


    Directly manage all copy protection, licensing and sales.

    Select from Three Licensing Options - Freeware, Shareware or Commercial

Distribution Editor

The Distribution Editor of Keyman Developer 8 allows integrated management of all of your branded products:

  1. Product Installers

    Compile a ready-to-ship msi installer or export your project to WiX for even greater customisation.

    Compile as an MSI or Export to WiX

  2. Customer Management

    Track products, customers and purchases with the Customer Relationship Manager.

    Track Your Products Easily with the Customer Relationship Manager

  3. Tavultesoft Distribution

    Optionally distribute and sell your products through our site.

    Distribute and Sell Your Products Through Tavultesoft