Comprehensive Help

Keyman Developer 8 includes comprehensive help to assist you in designing the highest quality keyboards:

  1. Editor Tutorials

    Step-by-step tutorials for each Editor get you started learning the basics of what Keyman Developer 8 can do.

    Step-by-step Tutorials Make It Easy to Start Learning Each Editor

  2. Context Help

    If you've never used Keyman Developer, the context help window gives hints throughout the program.

    Context Help Gives Simple Hints Throughout the Program

  3. Keyman Developer 8 Help

    Access help for every feature of Keyman Developer 8 from the Help menu or online.

    Keyman Developer 8 Help

  4. Tavultesoft Support

    Still need help? Visit our Keyman Developer support site, our forums, or contact us. We love answering questions about Keyman keyboards and Keyman Developer 8.