Package Editor

A Complete Package

The Package Editor of Keyman Developer 8 lets you bundle into a single installer all the keyboard elements anyone would need to get typing:

  1. Multiple Layouts

    Put related keyboard layouts into the same package.

    Put Multiple Layouts Together

  2. The Right Fonts

    Include the best fonts for your language. TTF, TTC, and OTF fonts install automatically.

    Include the Right Fonts

  3. On Screen Keyboard

    Give users a clickable virtual keyboard for easy reference.

    Give Users an On Screen Keyboard

  4. Welcomed Help

    Add a short readme, starter help and full documentation.

    Add Documentation

  5. Dynamic Usage & IME

    Build in a dynamic usage chart or IME to make complex layouts faster to learn and type.

    Build in Dynamic Usage Charts

  6. Start Menu Access

    Design a Start Menu folder for quick access to any element in your package.

    Design a Start Menu Folder

  7. Translated UI

    Customise the package with a translation of the Keyman Desktop 8 user interface.

    Customise the Interface Translation

Hosted How You Like

Keyman Developer 8 simplifies keyboard publication, whether you create keyboards for yourself or the world:

  1. Tavultesoft Hosting

    Submit keyboards for publication with Keyman Desktop. We'll assess your work, suggest quality enhancements and host approved packages.

    Host Your Packages with Tavultesoft

  2. Self-Publishing

    Offer Keyman Desktop and KeymanWeb keyboards directly from your own site, with no Tavultesoft involvement.