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Type in your language with KeymanWeb 2.0 across the Web using one of our KeymanWeb apps for end users.

    • KeymanWeb Live

      KeymanWeb Live lets you use our 600+ KeymanWeb keyboards online at any time without installing anything. Type yourself a note, post to Facebook and Twitter, or search the Web in your language instantly. Try it now…

    KeymanWeb Live
    • KeymanWeb Bookmarklet

      The KeymanWeb bookmarklet installs to your bookmark bar and goes with you to any website. Visit a site, click the bookmarklet to load, and start typing. Install it now…

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    • Wikipedia Plugin

      Our dedicated Wikipedia plugin enables you to edit, search, and discuss in your language throughout Wikipedia. The plugin integrates with your user account, so it follows you to any computer you use. Get it now…

    Wikipedia Plugin
Uniscribe is a part of Windows that enables the correct display of Asian and African languages. Keyman's Uniscribe Manager extends Uniscribe to improve support on Windows XP.
The Basic Multilingual Plane (BMP) refers to the portion of the Unicode code space which contains the most common scripts in use. Older computers often had trouble displaying characters that were in the Supplementary Planes and not in the BMP. Keyman Desktop enhances the availability of the Supplmentary Planes.