What's New

Improvements for Every User

The new improvements in KeymanWeb make version 2.0 much better for everyone: from everyday users, to bloggers and website administrators, to verteran programmers and keyboard developers.

    • True Multiplatform Support

      Everyone will appreciate the truly comprehensive multiplatform support, allowing you to touch, type, and click in any language on all the major devices and operating systems.

    Multiplatform Support
    • New APIs and UIs

      Programmers benefit from an all-new API, site administrators get a range of user interface designs, and everyday users will enjoy our restyled keyboards.

    A new KeymanWeb user interface design and keyboard
    • Code that's Svelte, Smart and Solid

      We've rewritten the code for KeymanWeb 2.0, standardising it and slimming it down to waste fewer resources and run faster. We also tricked it out to do a great deal more on less.

    Svelte KeymanWeb 2.0 Code
    • Simple, Single Installation

      We've kept the code simple enough that installation is easy. A few files is all you need for the professional edition, including full multiplatform and language support. Subscription setup is even simpler – put one javascript function in the page head and you're ready to type.

    Simple installation options
Uniscribe is a part of Windows that enables the correct display of Asian and African languages. Keyman's Uniscribe Manager extends Uniscribe to improve support on Windows XP.
The Basic Multilingual Plane (BMP) refers to the portion of the Unicode code space which contains the most common scripts in use. Older computers often had trouble displaying characters that were in the Supplementary Planes and not in the BMP. Keyman Desktop enhances the availability of the Supplmentary Planes.