Keyman Desktop 7.1 is Compatible with Windows 7

16 August 2009

Keyman Desktop has been tested to meet all of the technical requirements to be "Compatible with Windows® 7". Only "Compatible with Windows® 7" software and devices have passed Microsoft-designed tests for compatibility and reliability on PC's running the Windows 7 operating system. "Compatible with Windows 7" products install without worry and run reliably with Windows 7.

Keyman Desktop is the market leading multilingual keyboard software. Keyman Desktop enables text input in any windows application in over 600 languages. For many languages it is the only tool that enables effective text input in that language.

First developed in 1993, the Keyman product family includes tools for the creation/design and usage of input systems for languages that have no input method available. Linguistic experts around the globe contribute to their expertise and skills to develop keyboard layouts for many of the 7,000 languages in the world.

Keyman Desktop is used by a wide range of people and organisations from individuals wanting to write in their own language to professional linguists working with obscure languages of the world. Keyman users are in every corner of the globe and include a mix of individuals, corporate, educational organizations and linguistic scholars.

For many, Keyman is the only way they can effectively write using a computer in their language. It enables them to participate in the electronic online world in their own language. With the last native speaker of a language dying every two weeks, Keyman Desktop is important in helping preserve languages.

Windows is all about making your life easier. To make it easy, Microsoft recommends "Compatible with Windows 7" applications because they have passed Microsoft designed tests to help ensure they install readily every time and minimize the number of crashes, hangs and restarts you experience. This all helps ensure a compatible and reliable experience with any edition of Windows 7.

Tavultesoft is the developer of a market-leading keyboard mapping software, Keyman. Tavultesoft is based in Hobart, Australia and work with Linguistic experts around the world who contribute their skills and expertise to develop keyboard layouts for both common languages and languages that would otherwise have no support on computers.

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