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# Greek keyman alpha iota   2009-05-03 13:29:23.687
Sarah Lind
Using 7.1 Light and Greek Keyman.kmx, Windows xp pro, sp2.
Whenever I type the alpha iota sequence (as in "kai") the text is automatically formatted as alpha with iota subscript. Then I have to back delete and retype the iota. How do I address this problem?
# RE: Greek keyman alpha iota   2009-05-04 11:33:21.780
What is the full title of the keyboard you are using? We offer a number of Greek layouts directly from our site, and there are also quite a number of Greek Keyman layouts offered by other parties:
# RE: Greek keyman alpha iota   2009-05-04 12:25:11.063
Sarah, I apologise. Serves me for not checking the title of the forum before responding to your question ;)

Using Greek Polytonic Unicode in MS Word and in Notepad, I cannot get ??, I only get ?a?.

Would you be able to send a diagnostic to us following these instructions:

Also, any further information about when and where (i.e. which programs) you encounter this problem would be helpful.