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# Unable to test keyboard   2007-02-14 00:50:31.107
I installed Keyman Developer 7.0 in order to evaluate it. I created a keybord, but I am unable to test it. It compiles OK, but when I start testing, I press any key and nothing appears in the debugger window. Any idea about what I am doing wrong?
Thanks in advance.
# RE: Unable to test keyboard   2007-02-14 09:24:21.340
Tavultesoft Staff

I can't replicate this issue on my computer. What operating system are you using, and is there any particular rule you're using in the keyboard source?

Kind regards,

Paul Durdin
# RE: Unable to test keyboard   2007-02-17 01:36:50.123
Thanks for your reply.
I had mixed version 6 & 7 installation.
Installed all 7.0 and was OK