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# Keyman developer character map font   2008-01-14 22:12:26.747
I wonder whether the font used in the unicode character map of Keyman developer could be made available to us. Simply for the sake of keyboard layout documentation.
I am currently working on a complete greek keyboard layout and I want to include all greek characters included in the unicode greek section. Some of these characters are only used by specialists and are not included in the fonts commonly used for everyday greek or even ancient greek study.
However, the glyphs are included in the character map of Keyman Developer. This is why I am wondering whether they can be made available to keyboard developers.
Thanks and regards
# RE: Keyman developer character map font   2008-01-15 08:49:58.327
Marc Durdin
Tavultesoft Staff
The fallback Character Map font included with Keyman Developer is Code2000. This font is shareware and can be downloaded from

Tavultesoft have a licence to distribute the Code2000 font with Keyman products.