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UnicodeKeyboard Dakelh 2 Unicode
This keyboard is available for download as a bundle with Keyman Desktop (recommended). If you already have Keyman Desktop installed, you can download just the keyboard instead.
Dakelh 2 Unicode + Keyman Desktop
Dakelh 2 Unicode + Keyman Desktop
Keyman Desktop and Dakelh 2 Unicode in a single installer.
keymandesktop-9.0.528.0-dakelh2_u.exe (14.8MB)
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Dakelh 2 Unicode only
Dakelh 2 Unicode only
Installs only Dakelh 2 Unicode; Keyman Desktop or Keyman for Mac OS X must be installed first.
dakelh2_u.kmp (2.9KB)
Keyboard Details
A keyboard layout for typing the Athapascan language Dakelh (Carrier).
AuthorChris HarveyEncodingUnicode
Keyboard Version3Minimum Keyman Version6.0
Designed forCarrier
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